Former WPOI-FM DJ Corey Dylan to join Jack Harris and Tedd Webb on WFLA-AM’s morning show

Reposted from Tampa Bay Times:

Corey Dylan, who lost her job this summer when Cox Radio flipped WPOI-FM (101.5) from ’80s-oriented music to contemporary hits, will join the top-rated morning show at WFLA-AM (970), starting Thursday.

“This is a huge opportunity,” said Dylan, 40, who called WFLA after her layoff to ask about work as a part-time traffic announcer and wound up with a very different offer. “There aren’t a whole lot of women in the news/talk arena, so I’m very excited.”

Dylan joins longtime radio stars Jack Harris and Tedd Webb on the station’s AM Tampa Bay show, a program which has struggled a bit to keep a third personality in place. In 2009, co-host Sharon Taylor was let go from the show after 10 years; her successor Allyson Turner was hired five months later and departed less than a year after that.

In this new position, Dylan will also provide lifestyle reporting to air during AM Tampa Bay and at other times on WFLA. She also provides a slightly younger counter point to Harris and Webb, who has struggled with health problems recently.

“We wanted to change the (co-host) role and Corey seemed a perfect fit,” said WFLA program director Steve Versnick. “She’s got a sterling reputation in the market and a broadcast journalism degree. So while it might seem like stretch to go from an ’80s station to news/talk, her background and interest seem perfect.”

Dylan joined WPOI in 2002, moving to its morning spot six years later. When Cox Radio let Dylan go, she spread word about her job search to friends and across social media (including a blog, website, Twitter feed and Facebook page), well aware that most job offers come from personal referrals.

“Everybody else I saw in broadcasting, five minutes after they were laid off, they disappeared…people forgot about them,” she said. “I didn’t want my career to disappear. So I decided to really go for it.”